Ripples is a collection of 10 short stories as listed below.   I am working on my publisher Last Passage to get them to publish Ripples Digitally and it would really help my cause if they believed there was a market for these stories. Soooo....what I guess I'm saying is, if any of the stories below peak your interest, and you'd like to read them in digital format, for a small fee of course, then please contact me/Last Passage to let them know.

Viretas - an unstoppable pandemic is spreading across the world, causing the infected to hunt down the rest and turn them. But it's not zombies that are being created, it's people with an inability to lie. This was one of the "honourable mentions" in SFX's Pulp Idol a few years back. I was always really pleased with this story. Admittedly though since it's been written the Ricky Gervais movie "The Invention of Lying" may have stolen some of its thunder.

Madison, The Master Of The World - a "typical" American teenage girl writes about the events of the last few days that have taken her from social outsider to undisputed leader of the world. I wrote this one because I was concerned all my narrators sounded the same and were usually wise-ass sarcastic guys not a million miles from myself. Don't know if it worked, but I think it's a fun little tale.

The Museum - far into the future, a little boy looks forward to a trip to a Museum displaying the ancient past - our present. This story is over a decade old, I actually wrote it when I was still in school, but I think it holds up fairly well.

All The President's Molecules - only a few minutes before he's due to step into the machine, the American President has doubts about participating in the first massively public demonstration of transporter technology. Is it as wondrous as it seems, and is the person who steps out of the other side really the same person who went in? I wrote this because I'd always thought Star Trek's transporters had a massively ignored philosophical question attached to their use; if your entire being is destroyed and reconstituted, what happens to your soul?

The Origin of Captain Quantum! - a man is desperate to save his genius, superhero-obsessed little brother from what seems to be a determination to kill himself, but are his brother's crazy theories of surfing quantum waveforms in order to get to a parallel universe where he has superpowers really crazy?

Switch Off When You Leave - a telepathic girl encounters a telepathic serial killer in police custody. What he tells her about the nature of existence, the nature of souls and the inevitability of events shakes her to her very core.

Any Other Business - shut into a tiny room on yet another interminable conference call, an office worker finds himself suddenly cut off from existence and his only means of communication is with the fellow office drones on the other line as something outside, something in the darkness, is getting closer all the time.  This is a real Twilight Zone style tale.

Stood Up And Be Counted - this isn't a sci-fi tale, it's a romcom. I was going to remove it but I thought, what the hell. Feel free to skip it, it's a harmless little comic whimsy about a man waiting for his date to show up who gets caught up with his ex girlfriend's schemes to win him back, his only ally a barmaid on her first night at work.

Fatebook - through time that moves at a crawl where seconds last for years, a man falling to his death after jumping off the Golden Gate bridge discovers that everyone else committing suicide all over the world experiences a similar phenomenon, coupled with an ability to communicate telepathically with one another. Tasked with introducing another jumper to this strange existence, he experiences the elation of love and the heartbreak of knowing it has come too late. Or has it? I wrote this after reading the horrendous statistics for the amount of people who've jumped to their deaths from Golden Gate.

Finding Mr Right - a barman giving advice; one of the oldest cliches in the book. But what if the man seeking it isn't a man at all? What if he's God, and what if all he wants to do is be wrong for once, even if that means the end of all existence? I originally wrote this as a Doctor Who short story competition entry where God was the barman and the Doctor was the customer.

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