Recently I was watching the Terminator with the kids and I thought - wow this is perfect musical material. So I present to you an excerpt from "Terminator!" the fabulous new musical extravaganza!


Excerpt from the musical.

INT. Tech Noir club. SARAH CONNOR is on the payphone. She looks terrified.

SARAH: (singing)
Two Sarahs down
Just me to go
Don't you fucking dare
Put me on hold

On the other end of the phone, Lieutenant Traxler attempts to reassure her.

TRAXLER: (singing)
Sarah my dear,
Don't you get it?
You're in a public place
So don't you sweat it

We'll be right there
We'll pick you up
We'll keep you safe
Goodbye, good luck

Sarah sits down. She scans the bar's patrons and catches eyes with KYLE REESE, who returns her gaze for a moment before looking away. Sarah recognises him.

SARAH: (singing)
It's him, I know it from the way he looks
He seems to know me, but how?
I've never had someone look at me before
Like he's looking at me right now...

I have to go, I'm not safe here
I'm just some waitress: why me?
Nothing special about me at all
A mistake is what this has to be

She knocks her bag off the table. As it falls and she drops to pick it up, THE TERMINATOR walks into shot and looks over to where Sarah was sitting.

TERMINATOR: (singing)
Scanning mode active, everything's red
Soon she could be mine
The future is set, when Connor is dead
Humanity in my firing line

Look at these vermin, milling around
Like rats! They're nothing next to me
I have one primary target to be found
But I'd kill all these other fuckers for free

He turns, and spies Sarah. Raises his gun. The red laser sight climbs her face.

No fate.

A mistake
That's what this has to be...

BOOM! A shotgun blast rings out, then another, then another, then another. The Terminator is knocked back through the glass-fronted window of the club. Sarah looks up in shock. A hand is outstretched toward her, from Kyle Reese.

REESE: (singing)
Sarah I can't explain now how I know you
But come with me, and I swear I'll show you

The Terminator gets up. Reese hits it again with two more shotgun blasts. It goes back down.

REESE: (singing)
The name is Reese, I'm a common soldier
It's my greatest honour just to know you
I've come through time, I know it sounds wild
But I'm doing this for your unborn child

I'll give you all that I have to give...

The Terminator gets up again.

REESE: (singing)
So come with me
If you want to live!

Sarah takes his hand. They run. The Terminator is in hot pursuit.

SARAH: (singing)
He says he knows me, I know he can't
If I'm going mad, he's crazier..
What is that thing? This can't be real!
I'm just some waitress; I'm not a saviour

They burst out into the alley and commandeer a car. The Terminator emerges into the alley also.

REESE: (singing)
You're wrong, you're strong
You've known it all along
You'll pass all your strength to your son
And that's when our war will be won

The Terminator dives onto the hood of the car as it smashes into him. He manages to stay on with superhuman strength

TERMINATOR: (singing)
Skynet will rise from your pyre
Three billion die in the flames and the fire

The Terminator smashes the windshield of the car and reaches in for Sarah, grabbing her by the lapels and bringing its other hand toward her stomach.

SARAH: (singing)
What's he saying? You're all crazy!

Hasta la vista...baby.

Kyle swerves the car violently. The Terminator is thrown loose. As the car speeds away from him, Sarah tries to escape through the passenger door, shrieking. Kyle prevents her from opening it.

Let me go!

Sarah, listen to me, no!

SARAH: (singing)
That thing's got the wrong girl
I'll go back and tell it so
The nightmare will end
Without me in the morgue

REESE: (singing)
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah,
You can't reason with a cyborg!
He won't stop, not ever
He'll chase you tonight and forever

SARAH: (whispers)
I'm just a waitress, nothing more

REESE: (singing)
It's your unborn son he wants you for

SARAH: (singing)
I should run, I should scream
But I know I don't fear you
This may be a bad dream
But I want to be near you
You act like I'm sent from above

REESE: (singing)
So come with me...

BOTH: (singing)
If you want to...

What do you reckon - will it be a big hit on Broadway?

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