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Hogmaballix and into 2014

I despise New Year.


I despise all events that say “you must have fun, and you must have fun NOW” actually. Despite that, I love Christmas, but Christmas has all of that lovely build-up, the nights getting colder and darker and yet the fires of excitement inside you getting warmer and brighter. I love late-night shopping and I love the tyranny of the blank Christmas list for Kath and the boys and of the “a-ha!” moment when you think of something you know they’re going to love. I love the nights when we’ll say when the boys have gone to bed – “I want to do something Christmassy” – and we end up wrapping presents and looking for the Lord Lucan-esque sellotape roll and creating little piles of prezzies



Folk'ing Brilliant Book Launch...


My launch last Wednesday (30th Oct) went really well! Forbidden Planet in Ann Street in the City Centre was absolutely packed as hopefully you can see yourself from the photographs.


And I Thought the Second Book was Difficult!

That difficult bastard third book!

Periods of time always seem more real when they start drawing to a close. That’s why you don’t find many elderly atheists, so the saying goes. It’s why season finales get such big viewing figures even from people who’ve abandoned the show long beforehand.

Blog Hop!

Okay so there I was, walking along, and a big van drives up beside me and out jumps like fourteen armed guys all packing heat. I’m all like, whoah…what’s the beef, dudes? And they were all like, what’s with the dreadful pseudo-surfer talk, you trying to sound cool or something? And I’m like, what? So they open up the van and they’re, like, shoving me in and shit?

I blame Obama.


Recently I was watching the Terminator with the kids and I thought - wow this is perfect musical material. So I present to you an excerpt from "Terminator!" the fabulous new musical extravaganza!

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